Why is Wellness so Important?

Dr. Terese HarrisFemale Health, Wellness and Beauty are never fully achieved unless it originates from within. Good health and wellness, once achieved, may then be complemented with cosmetic surgery for the ultimate expression of beauty.
Dr. Harris’ practice is focused on providing education, evaluations, wellness guidance, medical and surgical procedures to assist all women in achieving their optimal health.

Services include:

  • Weight Management including nutritional and toxin evaluations along with customized vitamin replacements.

What about Anti-Aging Medicine?

Anti-Aging Medicine is a big misnomer! No one can stop you from aging.

Some studies have shown that caloric restriction and cryotherapy are the closest we get. But, is that realistic for you? What if you could live an ideal life instead of just living “within normal limits”. This is the basis for anti-aging Medicine. It is the evaluation of your Nutrients, Hormones, toxin levels and bio markers of aging to facilitate perfect mind and body balance and optimizing cellular functions to give you the energy and stamina of your youth. It is the extension of lifespan by extending health-span.

We are able to analyze your blood, saliva or urine for hormonal levels, biochemical pathways assays, oxidative damage assays which may show your level of DNA damage, and genetic testing. We can even measure your Telomeres (parts of your genes) to see how fast you are presently aging.
With all this information, we can then utilize regenerative technologies to turn on or off gene expressions, replete lost proteins, amino acids, nutrients, detoxify the body and replace lost hormones with natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement so that you may optimize its function and live with full health to over 100 years.

This is not alternative Medicine. Dr. Harris only utilizes evidence-based Anti-Aging Medicine which means all Medicine supplements must be backed by excellent science in order to provide Individualized Integrative Care.