Wellness assessments


Why does Wellness seem like a new type of Medicine? It’s really not. It’s just that most allopathic physicians had to spend so much time learning disease states and specializing that we have lost the bigger picture of maintaining wellness. The good news is there is a growing trend of physicians focusing on just that. The whole idea that it’s cheaper to keep people healthy than treat their diseases is a huge step towards a healthier nation.

Wellness is the process of awareness of your health and the active role it takes to maintain this great health and enhance your quality of life. This encompasses exercise and movement, good nutrition as your source of fuel, stress management via relaxation and attitude toward life, and changing habits such as smoking or heavy alcohol consumption.

How can we help?

Dr. Harris has trained specifically toward these goals with a Fellowship in Anti-Aging Medicine. We are able to assess your present state of health through physical examination, evaluation of nutrition through history and laboratory evaluation, measurement of toxins, micronutrients, inflammatory markers  and hormone levels along with the standard methods such as lipid analysis, glucose, hemoglobin A1C and insulin levels.  From here, we will actively guide you toward fitness goals in conjunction with our personal trainers, customize your meal plan toward a sustainable lifestyle and even formulate customized vitamins based on measured nutritional needs.

You are in charge of your great health and we are here to help.