Weight Management


Weight Management

We all know that, as a nation, we are getting bigger. It seems that it’s in the media daily. Fad diets, latest trends, magical pills, it’s a barrage of information. No one wants to hear this but here it is: It does simply come down to balance. In order to lose weight, what goes in must be less than what is burned off. Sounds so simple, right?

Well, unfortunately, it’s not. Weight Management is far more complex.

So many factors play into weight gain and loss. The quality of the “food” you eat varies greatly.  Your body processes each substrate differently i.e. fat, protein, carbohydrate and pure sugars. The quality of exercise differs greatly as well. Sitting behind a desk all day and then exercising for one half hour a day does not equal the person who has a strenuous job for 8 hours and then exercises for one half hour.

In addition to food and exercise, factors such as hormonal balance, thyroid function, total body inflammation, and toxin load, all affect the efficiency of your metabolism.

At Terese Harris, M. D., we will evaluate your situation as an individual. We will take a thorough history, perform a full physical evaluation, and consider your lifestyle.  We then are able to evaluate the inner workings of your body through evaluating sex hormone levels, thyroid levels, adrenocortex function, metabolic analysis, essential and fatty acids, amino acid analysis, oxidative stressors, vitamins, micronutrients and toxic elements. We evaluate inflammation through inflammation markers. We are able to follow adiponectin and leptin levels.

From here, we are able to put a bigger picture together. We then formulate a diet and meal plan either through whole foods or meal replacements.  You work closely with a personal trainer with a focus on wellness.  Optional Psychological support with trained psychologists make the work permanent.  Medical support is available through medications to assist in your journey.

Don’t spend one more day living unhealthy, give us a call and let’s get started today.