Stress, Energy and Adrenal Fatigue

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Your energy level is produced on every level of your body starting with your mitochondria in your cells up to your muscles and brain. It is linked to your nutrients, neurotransmitters,  your gut, your hormones, and how you sleep.
Most important is to identify symptoms and causes which can lead to a reduction in energy, increases in stress to the body and unnecessary fatigue. How?
  • We will look at your hormone levels. 
  • We will  conduct a nutrient evaluation where we are able to analyze your metabolic functioning and essential fatty acids along with vitamins and heavy metals.
  • We will  check for environmental toxins, evaluate your adrenal functioning, and food allergies.  
  • We will look at your gut to make sure the “good” bacteria have not been overrun by the ”bad” ones.  This has been found to produce inflammation and stress on the body.


We are then able to prescribe a way for your body to detoxify and replenish with healthy nutrients.  We do this with adjusting diet to replace nutrient deficiencies and use natural vitamins and supplements along with hormone replacement if necessary. The result will be the restoration of your body’s natural level of energy throughout the day, and as fatigue decreases, so will stress levels on the body, for a feeling of balance and wellness throughout the day!
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